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New law could criminalise uncovering personal data abuses, advocate warns Posted on: 16/08/2017

Data protection bill would cripple researchers uncovering abuses of personal data while doing nothing to stop the spread of poorly anonymised data

UK judges need clarity after Brexit - Lord Neuberger Posted on: 15/08/2017

Britain's most senior judge has told the government it must provide more clarity about how UK law will be developed after Brexit.

Supreme Court rules employment tribunal fees illegal Posted on: 31/07/2017

The government has been forced into a humiliating and costly overhaul of employment tribunal fees after the Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that they were “inconsistent with access to justice” and breached both EU and UK law.

Baroness Hale appointed as UK's first female top judge Posted on: 26/07/2017

Baroness Hale is to become the first female president of the UK's Supreme Court, Downing Street has said.

UK judges change court rules on child contact for violent fathers Posted on: 25/07/2017

Reforms aim to end presumption that a father must have contact with a child when there is evidence of domestic abuse

Court overturns daughter's win over estranged mother's will Posted on: 24/07/2017

Judgment overturns 2011 ruling that increased Heather Ilott’s award in Melita Jackson’s will which left estate to charity.

Landmark European court case could curtail freedoms of British dual nationals Posted on: 21/07/2017

Case could mean EU citizens who become British citizens and keep dual nationality may be unable to bring family members to UK.

Divorce should be separate from money battles, says top judge Posted on: 10/07/2017

Sir James Munby calls for streamlined online divorce procedures to stop family courts from being clogged up by arguments about assets.

Commercial property and changes in the law Posted on: 10/07/2017

Commercial property lawyer John Stephens of Keystone Law, discusses up and coming changes in the world of commercial property law from EPCs to rating assessments and leases.

Estranged wife gets £453m in one of biggest UK divorce settlements Posted on: 10/07/2017

The former wife of an oil and gas trader has been awarded £453m in one of the largest divorce settlements ever agreed by a UK court. It confirms London’s status as the favoured location to bring divorce claims against super-rich spouses.

100,000 Back Drink-Drive Law Change Posted on:

A petition calling for tougher sentences for drink-drivers who kill has passed the threshold to be considered for debate in the Commons.

Legal Costs Are Barriers To Rights For Mothers Posted on: 14/09/2016

However, there is little point in creating new rights until there is proper funding of Citizens Advice bureaux, law centres and other voluntary agencies to enforce those rights. Rebecca Raven was assisted by her union in her unfair dismissal case. A large section of female workers are not unionised and have to represent themselves

Chartered surveyors said that the Commercial Property market in the UK is in the early stages of a downturn Posted on: 25/07/2016

Chartered Surveyors surveyed by RICs said that the Commercial Property market in the UK is in the early stages of a downturn, with more than half of respondents saying that London especially facing recession. Office rent is expected to decline 3 per cent in the next year because of the impact of the results of the EU referendum on business confidence. An earlier survey showed that the number of people looking to buy a new home dropped to its lowest level since 2008 in April. In London, surveyors were 22 per cent more likely to say that property sales would fall rather than rise in the next 12 months.

In the UK £100bn is being laundered each year. Posted on: 15/07/2016

London property market turned into money laundering safe haven by inadequate supervision, MPs have blamed the Government’s “totally inadequate” attempt to prevent the UK property market from being exploited by international money launderers, saying the UK has “laid out a welcome mat” to criminals. Keith Vaz, committee chair and Labour backbencher, said the current proceeds of crime legislation have failed.

Banks of England were warned the Brexit vote Posted on: 14/07/2016

The Bank of England was warned of the possibility that commercial property funds may be suspended because of the rate of withdrawals prompted by the Brexit vote.

82% of Children aged 14-22 who have endured family breakups would prefer their parents to part if they are unhappy Posted on: 13/07/2016

Most young people who have experienced divorce do not believe parents should stay together for the sake of the children. Half of the young people indicated they did not have any say as to which parent they would live with or where they would live. An overwhelming majority – 88% – agreed it was important to make sure children do not feel like they have to choose between parents.

Referendum Implications Posted on: 08/07/2016

Some real estate deals have been paused, while uncertainty surrounds property valuations, following the UK's vote to leave the EU - but the tax environment, at least, is likely to remain relatively stable.

Commercial Funds Freeze Posted on: 08/07/2016

Commercial Funds Freeze due to the after the Brexit vote for UK Referendum.

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