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Legal Costs

Legal Costs

Fee Paying Arrangements-

Not everyone is eligible for legal aid. We offer a range of payment options to assist our clients. Initially you will be asked to make a payment on account. We can arrange a payment plan to suit your needs this includes a direct debit system so that you pay as you go. We can accept credit or debit card payments if that is convenient for you.

Fixed Fees-

Solicitors traditionally charge for their work on an hourly basis. The hourly charges have been set by The Law Society. We know it can be daunting instructing someone on an hourly basis when you do not know how long a case will take and costs can spiral out of control so we offer fixed fees. This means you will know exactly how much your case will cost irrespective of how long it will take to conclude.

Conditional Fee arrangements-

A 'no win - no fee' agreement is how a conditional fee agreement is commonly known. Usually it is offered in civil litigation cases primarily personal injury claims but they may be available for your case if considered suitable.

Legal Aid-

Unfortunately this funding is not available at Kaiser Solicitors at the moment.

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